A downloadable game for Windows

Game modes

  • Free for All (ffa)
    • Shoot everyone and get the highest score
  • Payload (pl)
    • Blue team wins if they push the cart to the end, and the Reds win if they defend for long enough.
  • Blitz (blitz)
    • The only way to kill someone is by knocking them off the map
  • Wallhack (wh)
    • You can only see through walls
  • King of the Hill
    • The team with the most time on the control point, wins
  • x 3.33
    • Free for All but some gun stats are multiplied by 3.33 


  • Arena (arena)
  • Towers (towers)
  • Blitz (blitz)


RocketJump.exe 796 kB
rj-win.zip 36 MB
Version 2019ap14-13.20 Apr 14, 2019


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Every map i join is just nothing with a space background. I spawn in the air, i can shoot, until i fall long enough and then i just die. This happens in singleplayer and multiplayer too, but if someone joins, their game works fine

Help pls


Still happens.. :(

Have you updated? Because I tested this out yesterday and it worked on multiple computers.

Yup, i even tried reinstalling. Still just void

Have you selected a map and a game mode when hosting? If that didn't work, try setting the map manually after you start a server by opening  the console with ~ and then typing in "map Towers" or "map Arena"