A downloadable game for Windows

Game modes

  • Free for All (gm ffa)
    • Shoot everyone and get the highest score
  • Blitz (gm blitz)
    • The only way to kill someone is by knocking them off the map
  • X10 (gm x10)
    • Free for all but weapons are multiplied by huge factors


  • Arena (map arena)
  • Towers (map towers)
  • Default (map default)

Maps can be changed while the server is running by opening the dev console and typing in "map arena" or "map default".

Game mode can also be changed by using the "gm <gameModeName>" command.


RocketJump.exe 796 kB
rj-win.zip 57 MB
Version 2019dc18-18.25 Dec 18, 2019


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This game is broked i can't join singleplayer and i can't play multiplayer im in space everysecond


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The game has no singleplayer, and multiplayer requires you to join a server or host one.

My PC Can't Run This Game, It's 32-Bits :(


Windows can still run 32 bit applications on 64 bit

I mean, my pc can't run because, it is a 32-Bits Computer.

Hello! Uh, I Need To Download RJ-Win.ZIP to run Rocket Jump?

Every map i join is just nothing with a space background. I spawn in the air, i can shoot, until i fall long enough and then i just die. This happens in singleplayer and multiplayer too, but if someone joins, their game works fine

Help pls


Still happens.. :(

Have you updated? Because I tested this out yesterday and it worked on multiple computers.

Yup, i even tried reinstalling. Still just void

Have you selected a map and a game mode when hosting? If that didn't work, try setting the map manually after you start a server by opening  the console with ~ and then typing in "map Towers" or "map Arena"