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DISCLAIMER: This game is very unfinished, not much gameplay is here. Its more of a proof of concept for now. The game also requires port forwarding to be able to host a server, but it does also try to UPNP punchthrough in order to avoid that, so theres a chance that you wont need to. The alternative is to use hamachi.

The idea of the game is that the minions try to escort the king, who sits on a chair to the end of the map, while the hand tries to stop them. 

~ is to open developer console

How to play:

  1. 1 person hosts the game by using the net_start command in the console
  2. Other players join by using net_connect <ip> command
  3. Thats it, theres nothing else.


  • WASD to move around
  • Left click to open the umbrella as a minion (doesnt do anything)
  • Right click to poke the umbrella as a minion (doesnt do anything either)
  • E to interact as a minion, and Left click to interact as the hand
  • Q to pickup stuff as a minion, and Right click to pickup as the hand

NOTES: If the king reaches the turntable, use the console to decide on which direction to go, for example, decide right or decide right.

Use the help command to get a list of all the commands.

Use the team command to switch player roles. 0 is King, 1 is Minion and 2 is the Hand.


  • Dean Elliott - Coding, Modelling, Design
  • Drew Godden - Design, Audio
  • Phill Damaskin - Coding, Modelling, Design, Animation


kc.zip 56 MB

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