A downloadable game

It's a game where you throw food at people, and they throw back, the question is, which one of you will survive.

This is a game where the main objective is to get the most points in a game mode. There are 3 game modes and only one way to get points; kill each other. However, instead of using guns, you use food as a weapon.

There is a variety of food items, some are craftable some are raw. Some can be cooked some can be frozen or both. Some can be combined with modifiers like hot sauce, cheese sauce, maple syrup, lemon and even toothpicks. You want a flaming spicy meatball with toothpicks sticking out of it? Sure, you can have that. You want a sour cupcake? You can have that too. Later on, some food items will even be radioactive using really powerful microwaves.

Game modes : Iron Chef (ffa), Restaurant Battle (tdm), Hungry Mode (last man standing)