Update 3 - Version 3959

Since the last update, here are the updates:

  • Inventory effects now match the player elevation
  • Majority of walls can be destroyed
  • All melee weapons now either break or reflect projectiles
  • Companions have a lot more health
  • Flare gun blast radius has been increased
  • Modified the in game interface so it doesn't sway like crazy
  • Enemies can no longer move when they are off screen, which makes it easier to keep track of them
  • Enemies no longer walk into the player spawn room anymore
  • Item descriptions are only shown when previewing the item
  • Almanac now only shows items that are discovered
  • Added simple achievements (Forgot if they work or not, will fix if they don't)
  • Added cheats category in the settings menu, offering the option to discover all almanac items, reset achievements and factory reset
  • Items like Adderall, Healthy Cookie and Chocolate Bar and others, can now be stacked.

Ill try and setup a simple updater/launcher for the game, so that re downloading or using the itch.io app wouldn't be necessary.

Game crashes when entering the library, ill fix that as well.


jhe-dev-win.zip 29 MB
Version 3955 130 days ago
jhe-dev-linux.zip 45 MB
Version 3957 130 days ago
jhe-dev-mac.zip 40 MB
Version 3958 130 days ago

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