Update 4 - Version 4147

Since the last update, here are the updates:

  • Added Gun shops
  • Added Armor shops
  • Added Achievements, very simple ones for now.
  • Added Commands and Cheats menu to the settings
  • Added the option to change the language
    • Russian is the only second option, and it doesn't work very well because of font compatibility
  • Added the option to make the minimap bigger in the video settings
  • Minimap now highlights the areas that are already discovered, making it easier to know if you've been to an area or not
  • Arcing weapons no longer explode at the wrong position
  • Added an Outline shader to items
    • This unfortunately doesn't work with all gpus
  • Added Cannon ammo kits
  • Added Ice ammo kits
  • Added Rubber ammo kits
  • Added Rocket ammo kits
  • Added Gas ammo kits
  • Added Grenade ammo kits
  • Added more props variety
  • Improved ammo drop mechanic
    • Ammo kit type is based on the weapons you are currently carrying
    • Ammo drop chance is based based on how much ammo you have (lower ammo, higher drop chance)
    • Chance for a generic ammo kit to drop is 15%
  • Improved presents by allowing them to drop Armor, Guns and Consumables
  • Improved coin animation
  • Improved UI visibility
    • Outline colour changes from black to white depending if the level is underground or above
    • Moved health bar to the top
  • Improved companion spawn animation
  • Improved Boss movement logic
    • Will sporadically avoid your bullets
  • All walls no longer destroyable (regression to previous update)
  • Added Explosive Vest
    • Grants immunity to explosions, comes with the pyromancer build
  • Added Fire Helmet
    • Grants immunity to fire, comes with the pyromancer build
  • Added a Minigun
    • Fires 12.5 bullets a second
  • Added a Laser Shotgun
    • Fires 5 laser beams at once every second
  • Added a Laser Machinegun
    • Fires 5 laser beams per second
  • Added a Spark Shotgun
    • Fires 5 electrical sparks at once every 1.4 seconds
  • Added a Recursive Pistol
    • Fires slower than the regular pistol, uses more ammo, but spawns 3 extra bullets on hits
  • Added a Crowbar
    • Melee reskin of the sword
  • Modified the Shield mechanic
    • Shields only take effect if they are drawn by using right click
    • When a shield is drawn, your movement speed is decreased, and cant use your primary
    • To compensate, stock Shield now has 100% to reflect projectiles and lasers
    • Shields have a higher angle threshold, from 25 to 35
  • Stock shield no longer protects you from contact damage
  • Added Targe
    • Shield that blocks all enemy physical contact damage, and allows the player to deal it instead
  • Added Desert music
  • Fixed bug in the library that would cause the game to hang after selecting a build

Still no new enemies, sorry. At least there are new guns and armor :)


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Version 4147 Aug 05, 2017

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