Update 3 - Version 3959

Since the last update, here are the updates:

  • Inventory effects now match the player elevation
  • Majority of walls can be destroyed
  • All melee weapons now either break or reflect projectiles
  • Companions have a lot more health
  • Flare gun blast radius has been increased
  • Modified the in game interface so it doesn't sway like crazy
  • Enemies can no longer move when they are off screen, which makes it easier to keep track of them
  • Enemies no longer walk into the player spawn room anymore
  • Item descriptions are only shown when previewing the item
  • Almanac now only shows items that are discovered
  • Added simple achievements (Forgot if they work or not, will fix if they don't)
  • Added cheats category in the settings menu, offering the option to discover all almanac items, reset achievements and factory reset
  • Items like Adderall, Healthy Cookie and Chocolate Bar and others, can now be stacked.

Ill try and setup a simple updater/launcher for the game, so that re downloading or using the itch.io app wouldn't be necessary.

Game crashes when entering the library, ill fix that as well.


holiday.zip 24 MB
Version 3955 Jul 11, 2017
jhe-dev-linux.zip 45 MB
Version 3957 Jul 11, 2017
jhe-dev-mac.zip 40 MB
Version 3958 Jul 11, 2017

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