Update 2 - Version 3870

Since the last update, which was 2 months ago. If you do find any bugs, please let me know.

  • Adjusted armor offsets to better match the animations
  • Updated projectile art for bullets and shells
  • Update particles
  • Elevation system added, walking over an alternate floor type causes a character to rise a bit
  • Added a basic dialogue, the Shop is the only thing using this
  • Navmeshes were adjusted and updated, so enemies and companions follow it accurately.
  • All characters that move around follow the same mechanic as the player (this includes enemies and companions)
  • Shops no longer drop items that aren't fully implemented
  • Shop can now drop consumables
  • Shop items now display the description before you buy
  • A hit overlay is added when the player takes a hit
  • Added another layer of sound to the character hits (More bloody)
  • Improved sprite layering
  • Enemy bosses now have a different movement behaviour
  • Enemies that wander no longer move constantly
  • Eye mongers charge distance is now consistent
  • Local settings are now stored in a local JSON file
  • UI layout changed (experimenting with the font)
  • Removed jelly as a pickup because there were too many things on screen to pickup
  • Removed leveling up system, weapons now drop based on the current level you are on
  • Better transition on level finish
  • Melee weapons with ammo requirements, now can't swing on empty ammo (Lightsaber and Chainsaw)
  • Changed ammo mechanics:
    • The default ammo box now gives ammo for both guns carrying, but at half the amount for each
    • New ammo box for bullet based ammo
    • New ammo box for electricity based ammo
    • New ammo box for shell based ammo
  • New minimap color coding:
    • Shop rooms are tinted green
    • Boss rooms are tinted red
    • Hidden rooms are tinted gray
    • Normal rooms are same color as the main level
    • Boss icon is highlighted white when it's the only enemy left
    • Player icon is also highlighted white
  • New items:
    • Trigger fingers: Turns non automatic weapons, into fully auto
    • Blue cheese: Fire rate is higher the lower your health is
    • Moldier blue cheese: Movement speed is higher the lower your health is
    • Scroll of Exploration: Reveals hidden rooms on the minimap
    • Cinder Blocks: Less knockback from your own guns, and hits
  • New armor:
    • Antiplode, grants invulnerability to explosives and fire
    • Scruffy balaclava, makes the player immune to slowdowns caused by alternate floor tiles
  • New build:
    • Thief, spawns with a knife and a balaclava
  • Build changes:
    • The knight build now spawns with a sword instead of a shovel
    • The boomstick build now spawns with the Antiplode shirt
    • The boxer build is removed, and is replaced by the thief build
    • Some builds will now cause specific types of guns to spawn more often (Melees, Explosives, Bullets, etc)
  • Item changes:
    • Book of Wisdom is no longer required to pickup scrolls
    • Bigger Bullets is no longer required to pickup Explosive Ammo
    • Fixed recursions attribute (Banana Pupai now actually works)
    • Fixed visibility attribute (Glasses also work, causes the vignette to decrease in effect)
    • Some items are now stackable, notably the Cupcake
  • Generator changes:
    • A long hallway is no longer generated on every level
      • A room is generated instead, with one sign with simple explanations
    • Desert tileset can now spawn a 3 by 3 room with only ammo boxes
    • Boss room only opens when all normal enemies are killed
    • Ambient occlusion is a different color depending on the tileset


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Version 3870 Jun 11, 2017

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